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Helicopter flight Yerevan- Garni Temple- Geghard Monastery - Yerevan. You will have 1 hour to enjoy architectural heritage and encredible nature of Armenia. The Temple of Garni is the only standing Greco-Roman colonnaded building in Armenia and the former Soviet Union. A Ionic temple located in the village of Garni, Armenia, it is the best-known structure and symbol of pre-Christian Armenia. The monastery complex Geghard (means a spear in Armenian) is an outstanding medieval architecture that reached us remarkably well- preserved. A beautiful landscape of Geghard is framed with towering cliffs. Decorative art cut into rocks reflect and explain Medieval Ages development throughout the region. The complex was introduced to the history in the 4th century as a sacred spring inside a cave.

Price is given per flight. Capacity of helicopter is 16 persons.

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